New edition to the family

Hello there.

How are you? have something to share with you. Meet my budgies. My best friend who shifted to another country has gifted me these budgies. They all are adults but I’m not sure about their exact age (which is sad).

Meet Kiwi (On Left) and Mango (On Right)

They are the couple of this group. I love watching them groom each other. They’re just lovely when being all lovy dovy. I couldn’t come up the name for Kiwi. I liked the name (Kiwi) but I didn’t want to use it but when my sister suggested that it, I decided to go with it.

This lazy bird is Blue.

Meet Blue. He doesn’t like to interact with anybody. He’s the grumpy one. Hopefully, one day he will come and play with me. Today He was extra grumpy. I think he misses his love who flew away when he was at their previous owner’s place. I don’t know how to help him. So any suggestions would be great.

And Here is Snow.



She’s the Diva. She loves flying around in the room and posing for pictures. Also she loves the swing. Since I got these 4 I have been watching videos and reading articles about the birds so much. If you have any birds and would like to share some of your knowledge, I would love that.

I have a video of Kiwi snacking from my hand so I have uploaded that on my facebook page. I will leave a link to it here.

Hope you have a happy Sunday. Take Care. Loads of Love.


Random things that I Like -Part II

Hello there.!! How are you? Hope you’re having a great start of the weekend.

Today I’m going to share part 2 of the post I shared a couple of days back. This time I am not going to chat too much about each of them like I did last time. 

Bubble bath – Who doesn’t like one?!! They are the best thing you can gift to yourself after long, crazy day.

Bags – When I say bags I mean all kinds of bags. Totes, sling bags, clutches, handbags, wallets, makeup bags, etc. I still like the sling bags bit more than the rest. I also love Men bags. Specifically the leather bags. 

Moon – I just love watching the moon. It’s very fascinating.

Ocean – I love the sound and the smell and the sight of the ocean even though I am scared of water. ( Sometimes I am very contradicting.) 

Watching tiny kitchen videos on Instagram –  I mean It’s food recipes in the cutest way possible. Don’t you agree.!??

For now, I have mentioned 5 only. Hope you also share few of your random likings in the comment section. In case if you already have such posts, do leave a link to your post in the comment or tweet me @TUDles_blog with #RandomLikings. Hope you have a fun day ahead.  

Loads of love to you all. Take care.

Sunshine Blog Award

Hello there! How are you? Hope you are having a great day.

It’s an award post. Thank you so much to James J. Cudney IV for nominating me for the Sunshine Blog Award. He has so much amazing content on This is my truth now. Go check out his blog and show him loads of love.

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Happy 4th of July

I leave you, hoping that the lamp of liberty will burn in your bosoms until there shall no longer be a doubt that all men are created free and equal.
–Abraham Lincoln, July 10, 1858 Speech at Chicago, Illinois

To all of the readers/bloggers from United States of America I wish you all loads of love, peace, harmony, wisdom and success and all the good things this day.

Have a great day and lovely weekend as well. Spread love and be kind to one another. Take good care of yourselves.

TUDles..!! ❤ ❤ ❤…!!!

Sugar – Maroon 5

Ohh I love this song.! It’s just lovely how they goes to people’s wedding to surprise them for a private little concert. Aww..!!! Don’t you think!!!

Have a lovely day and enjoy the song.!

Did you read my last post?! no?! Check it out HERE.

Take good care of yourselves. Loads of love

TUDles..! ❤ ❤ <3..!!

Happy Mother’s Day.. ! <3

Clicked this right after buying them from flower shop.
The Women’s Board celebrated Mother’s Day in Church. They gave roses to all Mothers.!
Meat(Mutton) Masala Curry
Raita =)
Happy Mother’s Day
One more Photo in Church

Dancing In her Computer Chair

Hello there! How are you? Having fun? If not than turn this song and imagine me dancing in my computer chair and than falling down and laughing like an idiot.(hehehe) The silly things I do!! I hope you all are having lovely time. Loads of love. Take good care of yourselves.

TUDles..! ❤ ❤ <3..!

The Versatile Blogger Award


Hey there!! How are you doing? Hope you’re having lovely weekend. I sure am. I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by lovely blogger Anjali Dhawan. She has blog called It’s All About Food. Go check out her blog where it’s all about food for real.

The Versatile Blogger Award rules!

  1. Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  2. Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  3. Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  4. Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link back to the post on your site announcing their nomination.
  5. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Bloggers I would like nominate are:-

  1. styling canvas
  3. Secret Diary of PorterGirl
  5. Tina J. S.
  6. IDB Blog
  7. Being Bettr
  9. for the love of nike
  10. a ghost dancer
  11. Poetry by Impulse
  13. M&JBLOG
  14. Cats at the Bar

7 Random Things about Me:-

  1. My name is Janice Collins and meaning of my name is Gift from God.
  2. When mom was expecting me doctors told my parents that it would be better if you don’t go on with the pregnancy as it was really risky for my mom and she or I or both us wouldn’t make it. My parents didn’t listen to them. In 8th month my mom was rushed to hospital because things got really serious. But God saved us both and I was normal almost healthy baby.
  3. I share my birthday with my mom. Yeah, I was born on my mommy’s birthday. Now you get why I was named Janice. (hehe)
  4. I almost died when I was three years old. it’s a long story. Doctors said that my parents just got me to hospital in time or else I would have been dead. (I have been saved like that many times that’s why I value everything way so much, please don’t mind if I thank or apologize too much)
  5. I’m a rainbow person. I love pink color bit more than others but I love all the colors. So it’s not really like I have one particular favorite color.
  6. I don’t have specific genre of music that I love the most or is my favorite. For me it’s more about how the song makes me feel. If I like it I like it even if I usually don’t listen to the genre the song is from (Am I still making sense??!!!). Hope you get what I mean.
  7. My favorite living creature (other than human) is Crocodile and alligators. I see them in zoo and I get this goosebumps and I smile like joker from batman. haha. I don’t know why I do but I just love them.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Go check out those lovely blogs. If you don’t participate in awards than try to at least share 7 facts about you. It’s a nice way to get to know each other. Have a lovely Sunday. Loads of Love. Take good care of yourselves.

TUDles..! ❤ ❤ <3..!