Encouraging Thunder Award

Hello there.! How are you doing? So I was granted a special award Encouraging Thunder by Encouraging Life. And I’m so honored to share about it with you all. He actually is one of the most encouraging person I’ve met online. He shares really helpful stuff and He actually reads the posts and comments and interactsContinue reading “Encouraging Thunder Award”

TAG: 9 Tumblr Question Challenge

Hey there! How are you doing? Having good day??(It will be so cool if someday people would actually answer me in comment section that, “Yea, I’m having great day 🙂 ” or “No, It just sucks 😡 ” or anything.) I hope you all are having good day. So, you might know that I loveContinue reading “TAG: 9 Tumblr Question Challenge”

Hair Remedy from your Kitchen

Hey there.. How are you doing?? I was having a bad hair day because I didn’t style it at all after washing it yesterday. And I didn’t have anywhere to go today so I decided to pamper myself a little with good homemade (dadima ka nuskha) hair mask with the stuff you’ll find in yourContinue reading “Hair Remedy from your Kitchen”

Sunday Special Side-dish!! (does it make sense!!??)

This one is my Baa’s(my grandmother on my mother’s side) recipe. We used to have it every Sunday with any meat curry or Biryani. (A secret, I used to sometimes sneak in when everyone was sleeping and would make myself some of it and have it when I was a kid) It’s really easy. IngredientsContinue reading “Sunday Special Side-dish!! (does it make sense!!??)”