The month I’ve been waiting for

Hey there..! How are you doing?

It’s December. I have been eagerly waiting for this month and get started with officially being super excited for Christmas. But one of my cousin is getting married day after tomorrow so my Blogmas has to wait. But stay tuned I intend to share my Christmas month with you here. And of course I’m gonna stalk all the fellow bloggers and see how and what are they up to on this Christmas.

Loads of love.


Happy Mother’s Day.. ! <3

Clicked this right after buying them from flower shop.
The Women’s Board celebrated Mother’s Day in Church. They gave roses to all Mothers.!
Meat(Mutton) Masala Curry
Raita =)
Happy Mother’s Day
One more Photo in Church

Dancing In her Computer Chair

Hello there! How are you? Having fun? If not than turn this song and imagine me dancing in my computer chair and than falling down and laughing like an idiot.(hehehe) The silly things I do!! I hope you all are having lovely time. Loads of love. Take good care of yourselves.

TUDles..! ❀ ❀ <3..!