Donate. If you can’t just share to someone who can..

Hey you there..! How you all doing?? good..!! Great. So here I just want to share something, a link from a guy I follow on YouTube. You might know him as Caspar Lee from YouTube. He’s a sweet guy and such a nice vlogger. There’s something specific that I want you all to do. Donate some […]

Ride to river. .

After a days of living with myself, finally I was back on road with friends few days back. We went to a river called Sindrot and my first step in the water had to turn into a fall because of my clumsiness and the slippery ground(hiding her face). We had fun anyways, took lot of […]

India’s daughter. The banned documentary.

It had all happened two years back. The brutal incident that started a revolution. The incident that woke up the entire nation and brought them together. People say they should be hanged as it’s so cruel and brutal and such a rare incident. But is it really rare? Isn’t it possible the worst things has […]