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So here I just want to share something, a link from a guy I follow on YouTube. You might know him as Caspar Lee from YouTube. He’s a sweet guy and such a nice vlogger. There’s something specific that I want you all to do. Donate some money for the cause. It doesn’t matter how small that amount is ‘coz it’s to help some people. your single penny can make difference. But if you can’t donate than don’t worry just share this video link with others that might be able to donate.

Check out the link and you’ll know more what the donation is all about. Just don’t ignore. It’s really important. Usually I don’t ask or wish for you sharing my posts but in today’s case, please just share and tell others and help.

Caspar Lee’s birthday gift

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Ride to river. .

image image image image After a days of living with myself, finally I was back on road with friends few days back. We went to a river called Sindrot and my first step in the water had to turn into a fall because of my clumsiness and the slippery ground(hiding her face). We had fun anyways, took lot of photos, here’s a glimpse of it. Loads of love, take good care of yourselves.

P.S. Thank you all for being there and reading my stuff. Loads of love.( I said that already) Byeee….

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Them II

She took out her keys,  got in her car, and started driving. She had no plan to go anywhere. She had just turned the music player on and kept driving wherever the road would take her. Unconsciously she was thinking of him and what they talked about 5 mins before she wished him well and said their last goodbye. It wasn’t the first time they had parted.
While she was lost in thoughts. She heard a familiar song.
They were laying on her tarece under a stary sky. It was summer and her birthday. He had came to her place to wish her with his favourite vegan chocolate cake. So typical him! (Hehe..) He had also made her a dvd of their memories. All the photos and videos of their and the playlist of their personal love songs.
She said if she could ask for something for her birthday. Of course he said yes. So she asked him to sing her a song. “Sing you something, I’m terrible at it. Haha I’m not singing”, he said. She frowned and got back to gazing the stars.
Suddenly she heard him sing.

The little things you do for me
And nobody else make me feel good
Little things you do for me
Making me smile
When no one else could that’s why
I like to sit next to you
And hear is your mad stories
I know they are not true
And i like that we share
A secret or two, together!

It was the same song playing on music player. They have always been the kind of couple who did little things for each other to make other feel special. Where is it all gone now? She finally lost it and cried herself rivers. By the side of a huge road somewhere on the highway she stopped her car and cried her heart out.

Strall Down Memory Lane

Settle down with me
Cover me up
Cuddle me in

Lie down with me
And hold me in your arms

And your heart’s against my chest, your lips pressed to my neck
I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet
And with a feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now

Kiss me like you wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
This feels like falling in love
Falling in love
We’re falling in love

I have loved Ed Sheeran from the moment I have heard his song for the first time. I’m so badly hooked on this song. I have been listening it on replay constantly even though I should be sleeping now. Sometimes some songs and some music just does that you know! Going off to bed now. Have great time you all there. Bye.!


“Soon We’ll be dead for each other”, He said.
“Dead.?!”, *silence* “Hahaha”. She said, “How easy you make it sound.”
They knew it was time to end it. They knew it all along what was coming. They knew they were a lost cause.
Why did he had to come back? Why did she had to let him in? Why was she always putting herself in such situation where she’d get hurt. She was so mad at herself at that moment. She was so mad at him as well. But she understood him and that pissed her more.

So she puts on a smile that won’t reach her eyes and bids him goodbye and walks away with watery eyes.

My dilemma : Blog Layout

Hey there
How have you been??? Good..!? Me too. =) (not that you asked =P ) hehe..

I have changed my blog layout for like three times already in about a month. I don’t feel happy with any. Even the one I have right now. Don’t get me wrong here, It’s pretty cool. But issue here is the grown up part of me wants to have something very decent and tidy and another part of me wants something cute and girly and something like I have right now, swirly-girly-colorful thing.

And this gets me to think did this happen to you out there who-ever-is-reading-this-post when you first started blogging? How did you deal with it? I’m serious let me know in comment, or even better, if you have written blog post on something related to it leave a link down in comment section.

It is just annoying. And it’s silly I know. It’s so silly that nobody is even going to read this. haha..

But if you are reading this right now thank you so much, really thank you…! Going now..

Wish you loads of love and happiness. So much love. Take good care of yourselves. Mwahh…

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India’s daughter. The banned documentary.

It had all happened two years back.
The brutal incident that started a revolution. The incident that woke up the entire nation and brought them together. People say they should be hanged as it’s so cruel and brutal and such a rare incident. But is it really rare? Isn’t it possible the worst things has happened and haven’t been known by anyone? Does it stand higher on the measurements of brutality? Isn’t any kind of rape makes the person suffer as much as she did? Of course her physical wounds were very horryble and critical. But any other sexual assault would make a person feel as violated as she did.

Leslee Udwin, Director-Producer as well as former actress, she has spent 2 years making this documentary when she could simply live in her happy home with her family. She took out her time and used her talent to make this documentary of change in our country. She interviews many people involved in the whole case and she listened to their horrifying conversation. I shall let you Google the details and find it for yourself. (Honestly I’m afraid they might ban my blog for posting the quotes from the interview of the people from the documentary.)

The shameful thing is that the government has banned the documentary. The documentary which shows the suffering of Indian girl, thoughts of Indian rapist, protest of Indian public, process of Indian change and mainly possibility of hope to safer place to live for every Indian girl is banned in India.

I feel anger,pity and disgust at the same time. I don’t know what else to say. But all you out there who is able to watch it, Don’t miss it.

BBC had planned to broadcast it on woman’s day but they will be broadcast it tonight at 10 pm at their(UK) timing.










He visits Her..

It was a cold night. She had been working for hours now. As she was done with all of her work she realized that it’s 2 am in the morning and she needs to get her beauty sleep for tomorrow’s big presentation for her work. As always she brushed her teeth got into her comfy PJs and her fluffy socks. These were the things that would keep her cozy and calm through this hard time she was in. Before she knew she had fell asleep.


She was all dolled up in her favorite floral dress with her nude pumps and the black lather backpack which he had gifted her from his first salary. She had kept her hair open with big curls falling over her shoulder just the way he liked them. And she had made sure she doesn’t forget to bring his favorite cookies made by her mom.

As she reached to the cafe she saw him waiting for her on the same table they had their first date. He looked so handsome even after all these years. As she reached the table and joined him she felt a weird feeling in her stomach. There was something wrong. She was feeling restless all of a sudden. He was looking at her but it seemed like he couldn’t see her. As she reached out to his hand to ask if everything was fine, she found it impossible to reach him. Was she disappearing? It seemed like she was. Her voice was fading away.

Suddenly he got up and hugged a girl who appeared from God knows where. She was dusky tall girl with long black hair tied in a braid. It was her. The one with whom he fell in love with when he was still hers. Her head was spinning and aching so much. It seemed too much for her to handle. She heard a scream escape out of her mouth and when she opened her eyes she was in her bed.


It was the same dream. Again. He visits her. Again.

TUDles.. ❤