Hang in there, you’re doing good..

Dear You,

You’re doing good. You’re doing good cause you’re still believing. You’re doing good cause you’ve not given up your faith. You’re doing good cause you could’ve let the emotions take over but you fought that.

It’s easy to fight the whole world but when it comes to letting go of your own emotions and your own desire so that you can live for the one who loves you most is the hardest.

You’re doing good.

You’re letting God remove the person whom you love so that He can give you the person who loves God.

You’re doing good.

You might not be fine. Even though you’re breaking apart. Even if it seems like you’d rather give up. Don’t. Because you’re doing good.

You might be devastated inside but you’re doing good.

You’re losing something and someone but you’ve not let go of your faith. You’ve not let go of God.

It’s tough. It’s hard. It’s gonna get harder. It will get difficult. So hang in there cause you’re doing good. You’re doing really good.

God loves you more than anyone ever will. So hang in there cause you’re doing good.

You are such a lovely gift, your name itself means gift from God. So wait for the gift which God has got just for you.

Just wait on him. Just let go and trust God.

Love, Janice.

The moment when..

.. you so wish to post on your blog regularly but you’re completely blank.

I’m back..!!

Hello there. !!
How have you been ??
I’m sorry for being away for so long.  I’m not gonna give any excuses this time.  I’ll just show you what exactly I’m doing at this moment.


For the first time in my life I’m being prepared for something in advance. There are few functions I’m gonna attend this week.
Well, it’s a wedding.!!

I have a friend who’s getting married and I’m going to be the maid of honour. It’s going to be a traditional big fat Indian wedding with all rasams(traditions) called mandap, haldi, mahendi, sangeet, shadi, reception.

Overwhelming, right?
It’s going to be a crazy and fun week for me and I shall try to keep all of you updated. I hope you have great week as well.

With loads of love.
Janice Collins

Oh, how I love sunset. . . .


My favourite moment of 25th February 2016. What was yours??? 
Do share with me. I may reply you late but know that I will.
Love, Janice.

On My Way Back


After a long day at work, and when I say long it means really long tidious annoying day, me and my friend went to the river front in our city and enjoyed the sunset. But what I loved the most was watching the reflection of moon on water. I think its really important to take some time off and watch little beautiful things around us. Lately I had stopped reaching for my phones and taking photos and instead jusr live in the moment. Wish you all few soothing moments in your busy days. Take good care of yourselves.
Love, Janice. X

It’s been year.!!

It’s been a whole year since I started this blog. I’ve been absent lately but I can say that starting this blog was one of the best decision I’ve made. I’ve managed to change my life from where I was last year and this blog was the first step to it. I’m thankful to all of you who’ve been around and welcomed me with such warmth.

Thank you all. Love,  Janice. ❤

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Quote: Love Comes Softly

Missy could fall down and hurt herself, even if I’m walking right there beside her. That doesn’t mean that I allowed it to happen. She knows, as far as unconditional love, I’ll pick her up and I’ll carry her. I’ll try to heal her. I’ll cry when she cries. And I’ll rejoice when she is well. In all the moments of my life, God has been right there beside me. The truth of God’s love is not that he allows bad things to happen. It’s His promise that he’ll be there with us when they do.

— Clark Davis from Love Comes Softly(TV movie)

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