“Your dreams are mine now” by Ravinder Singh

Hey there. . How are you doing? Lately knowingly or unknowingly I’m choosing the novels with tregedy within. This book by young Indian author of our age named Ravinder Singh is one that impressed me so much. As I have noticed his story plot includes various social problems and recent heart braking situation happening around […]


“But first let me take a relfie..” Haha.. fun song. You must be thinking what’s relfies,it’s relationship selfie. Yeah it’s officially a thing now. Taking relationship selfies are trending so high these days coz most celebrities are posting them on all of the social media site to stay on top of the lists. If I […]

The last book I read.. Half girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat

Hey there!.. Last week when I went on family trip I had took a book with me ‘half girlfriend’ by famous  Indian writer of our time. I finished it today noon. It was a tragic start. A sentence “Because Riya is dead” on the second page just broke my heart. I immediately got low as […]