I’m back..!!

Hello there. !!
How have you been ??
I’m sorry for being away for so long.Β  I’m not gonna give any excuses this time.Β  I’ll just show you what exactly I’m doing at this moment.


For the first time in my life I’m being prepared for something in advance. There are few functions I’m gonna attend this week.
Well, it’s a wedding.!!

I have a friend who’s getting married and I’m going to be the maid of honour. It’s going to be a traditional big fat Indian wedding with all rasams(traditions) called mandap, haldi, mahendi, sangeet, shadi, reception.

Overwhelming, right?
It’s going to be a crazy and fun week for me and I shall try to keep all of you updated. I hope you have great week as well.

With loads of love.
Janice Collins