Happy Mother’s Day.. ! <3

Clicked this right after buying them from flower shop.
The Women’s Board celebrated Mother’s Day in Church. They gave roses to all Mothers.!
Meat(Mutton) Masala Curry
Raita =)
Happy Mother’s Day
One more Photo in Church

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  1. Raymond says:

    Delicious and nice treat for Mother’s day 🙂

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    1. Yeah.. it was really yummy.

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    2. Raymond says:

      Now I am getting hungry….

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    3. It’s a brunch time here. We can go get a sandwich.

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    4. Raymond says:

      I am going with traditional local food again 😀
      Loves to eat so much when your stomach gets hungry.

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    5. You are foodie. You love food. I’ve noticed that. Traditional lunch.. yum yum..!!

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    6. Raymond says:

      That might be right!
      I wish to travel around the world someday and taste more 🙂

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    7. Me too. . I want to travel in rustic ways to beautiful village where you discover rare stuff which world might not know about. Ohh, that would be so good. !!!

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    8. Raymond says:

      Adventure soul is burning inside me now. Time to splash some water on my face, wake up from my dreams, and get back to work :p

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    9. Hahaha. . . ! Oh no..! 😔
      But on plus side working will help you save up to go places. .

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    10. Raymond says:

      Yep lol I need that 😀

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    11. Hehe.. I’ll let you work now. I talk too much sometime. Hehe sorry about that

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    12. Raymond says:

      Don’t worry lol
      You can talk as much as you want 🙂

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    13. Aww. You’re so sweet.😊 thank you

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