Mixed Flavoured Mathri (Baked/Fried)

They are my favorites.! We call is farsi puri in gujrati. And they taste great with tea. YummYumm…!! ❤

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Mathri is snack which is very popular among the North and North West India. It’s usually been consumed during snack time with chai (tea). It has a flaky texture and can be stored in air-tight containers for a long period of time.

Mathri is also a part of lots of auspicious occasions like wedding, rituals, etc.. I am eating this since childhood and relish the taste of it. And now that I have discovered that they can be baked and taste just as awesome as they did when fried, it was the best option for me.

Mathri12        Mathri7

The dough needs to be kneaded with all the basic ingredients and adding the flavours, I have made Achari, kali Mirchi and methi flavour. Feel free to use your imagination.


Make sure to roll the dough in proportion or else the mathri would not cook evenly.

Mathri2    Mathri1

You can make different shapes…

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