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I’m back..!!

Hello there. !!
How have you been ??
I’m sorry for being away for so long.  I’m not gonna give any excuses this time.  I’ll just show you what exactly I’m doing at this moment.


For the first time in my life I’m being prepared for something in advance. There are few functions I’m gonna attend this week.
Well, it’s a wedding.!!

I have a friend who’s getting married and I’m going to be the maid of honour. It’s going to be a traditional big fat Indian wedding with all rasams(traditions) called mandap, haldi, mahendi, sangeet, shadi, reception.

Overwhelming, right?
It’s going to be a crazy and fun week for me and I shall try to keep all of you updated. I hope you have great week as well.

With loads of love.
Janice Collins

On My Way Back


After a long day at work, and when I say long it means really long tidious annoying day, me and my friend went to the river front in our city and enjoyed the sunset. But what I loved the most was watching the reflection of moon on water. I think its really important to take some time off and watch little beautiful things around us. Lately I had stopped reaching for my phones and taking photos and instead jusr live in the moment. Wish you all few soothing moments in your busy days. Take good care of yourselves.
Love, Janice. X

Motichur na Ladu

Hello there.!! How are you? BTW did the title made you go What.!! “What does that even mean” cause you don’t understand Gujarati.? It’s the name of an North Indian sweet dish. Yes, It’s a recipe post.! YAY..!

First let me tell you, this one is so unhealthy dish. It’s pure Indian sweet so if you have diabetes or cholesterol or on diet or just not allowed to eat unhealthy food, sorry!!. Wondering what’s Motichur na ladu?! They’re round balls rolled out of tiny little fried drops (bundi) of batter and then soaked in sugar syrup garnished with sliced almond or any dry fruit.

My perforated spoon was busy scooping out the bundis when they're done. So I used lid which has the larger size of holes in it.(Sorry for the blurry photo) :P

Let’s get to it, Shall we!?.

What Do You Need:

For Batter

  • 500g besan(Gram flour)
  • 50g semolina
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • water
  • 500ml Ghee(or butter) to deep fry the bundi

Sugar syrup:

  • 750g sugar
  • 300 ml water
  • cardimum
  • a pinch of saffron
  • chopped Dry fruits(some almonds or pistachio or cashew nuts.)

You can add orange food color to make exactly how they serve in shops.

How To:

  1. Let’s make the batter first. Mix besan(gram flour), semolina, baking powder in a bowl add water and mix till you get nice smooth medium consistency batter. Now put that aside.
  2. Let’s get to sugar syrup. add sugar in a pan fill it up with water till it covers the sugar(approx 300ml water). Now put that on heat and let it get to boil. Once it gets to boil turn the flame to low and let it simmer.
  3. Get some cardimum seeds with pinch of saffron(I didn’t have any saffron at the time, If you don’t have it either, It’s ok) and crush them in mortar and pestle.
  4. Add that to the sugar syrup. Let the sugar syrup simmer till It’s ektara(one string consistency). It means when you pinch and rub the drop of syrup between your index finger and thumb and try to pull it you can see one strong long string of the syrup.(Sorry forgot to take photo of it). When you see the string, It’s done. Take it off of the flame.
  5. Now back to the batter, heat some ghee or unsalted butter in the pan till It’s quite hot. Now take a perforated spoon and drop the batter through it in the butter.

    My perforated spoon was busy scooping out the bundis when they’re done. So I used lid which has the larger size of holes in it.(Sorry for the blurry photo) 😛
  6. Fry them till they’re light golden brown. Once You’re done making all the bundi mix them all with the syrup. It will soak all the syrup.
  7. Now, It’s the fun part. Squeeze them up a little (You don’t have to, It’s just to make them of smaller shape). Add all the chopped dry fruits and roll all the laddu.
  8. Put almond chips or chopped dry fruit on top for presentation.
  9. You’re done!!..

I think I should try and add more photos of process next time. It’s kind of hard, cooking something with mom in the kitchen and you trying to take photos. And get back to doing whatever task I was doing. Still I intend to improve my food posts.

I hope you enjoyed it anyway and If you try it, let me know. Share with me on twitter,fb or instagram. I’d love to see. Take Care of yourselves all you sweetest lovelies. Loads of love.

Toodles.! <3xo

Apple Crumble Recipe


Things you need:

  • 4-5 Brambly Cooking Apples
  • 170g Caster Sugar
  • 130g Flour
  • 170g Butter
  • 130g Oats
  • Cinnamon to taste

How To:

  • Grate 2 apples(with skin). Chop rest of the apples in cube.
  • Take a pan, add 60g sugar and water to make caramel with it
  • Now add the grated apples with a dash of cinnamon powder and let it cook till it’s soft and bit mushy.
  • Now add the chopped apples and let it simmer on low flame for 2-4 min. Take it down the flame and layer it in your baking dish.
  • Now Let’s get to crumble
  • Take a big bowl add flour, oats, cinnamon and rest of the sugar mix them well and add cold butter(chop it off in cube for easy mix)
  • Now pinch the butter in with the mixture to make a lovely crumble. Do not stir or mix them cause it’ll give a dough instead of crumble. Use the tip of your fingers and not your palm.
  • Once you have good crumble mix ready layer it on top of your caramelized apples and pop it in the oven at 180° c for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Serve it with custard or vanilla ice cream.
  • Enjoy.!!

I Have Some Good News

There’s an exhibition – sale for art and craft mainly for artists from rural areas. And 5 of my paintings are in the exhibition. Yay..!!


I’m so excited about it. Pray for me that things go great and it may turn into some really great journey.
Happy Independence Day.
Take care of yourselves.
TUDles..!! ❤ ❤ ❤…!!!

Quick Evening Snack Story (Lunch+Dinner = Linner!.? IDK.!)

Hello There.! How are you doing? Had a good day I hope.!  I have a story for you I hope you enjoy it.

One Day I was really hungry and it was past the tea time and an hour or two before dinner time so I decided to cook up something quick and easy and yummy for me to gobble down and calm my dinosaur-noise-making-tummy.

So I decided to make some yumm yumm Egg Bhurji for which I got

  • oil
  • 1 egg
  • 1 medium size Onion and I chopped it finely.
  • and 1 tomato I chopped it nice and small as well
  • also salt to taste
  • then got my spice box which had red chilly powder, Turmeric powder which I needed to add.
  • of course garam masala powder
  • plus some mint, coriander, spring onion(only if you have it at hand)


  • I got my pan and added some oil
  • Then I added the onion and Saute it till it was lovely golden brown
  • then added the red chilly powder(depending on how hot can you eat) and pinch of turmeric powder and garam masala powder
  • When it was cooked perfectly I added the tomato and let it cook
  • As the masala was done I cracked egg in and mixed it and let it cook for like 2 mins more.


And Voila. Done.! I then garnished it with spring onion and ate it all up with some lovely bread.

The End!

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