Day Out in Bird Sanctuary

Hey you all there.!! How are you doing?

A couple of days back I went to this place called Thol Lake. It’s a big bird sanctuary. I’m sorry I got no pictures of birds though in this post.There’s big lake which is almost dried out in the summer so didn’t really had many birds around. But I like that place because it’s quite and nice.






All the things you can see is usually under water in monsoon. Only the top part of trees are visible. It’s really pretty in that time of the year. (Excuse me for not very nicely painted toe nails.)

Loads of love. Bye. Take care

TUDles..<3 ❤ <3..!

P.S. It’s not really travel post, lake is just a couple of hour drive from the city.


Early morning movies

After a crazy eighteen hours I and him went for a movie in the morning.
ROY by Vikramjit Singh
Huge disappointment. He literally fell asleep for awhile because he was highly bored. I loved the music. But the storytelling nd direction was not worth the money. I hated the film but got to spend some more time with him so I was happy.
It’s funny how the company you are with makes pathetic film worth every single second.
As he said, “As we grow older time is the only thing you can say incredible gift.” I wouldn’t have spend the morning anywhere else but watching the boring film with him.:):):)
Yeah love is in the air. But I know it’s not going to last. And we have to go our different ways somday. Sooner or later,it is going to happen. *sigh*
Got nothing else to say and I’m pretty tired with all the travelling. Off to bed. You have great time there.
Take care.




Hey there.!
How are you all doing?
Today I’m sharing a photo from a fun family trip. On our way back to home I got to see an amazing warm sunset. Best part of the day was being with my parents and lovely sister nd brother in law. We had visited heritage places and museum.
Hope you all have a lovely family time like that too.
Happy Monday to you all. Loads of love. Take good care of yourselves.
TUDles. . . ❤

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