Done it.!


Yeah as I said in my last post I’ll upload after I finish the piece. I don’t think it’s as great and as detailed as I wanted it to be. But I guess I shall keep practicing to get better at it.
I love sunset and if I get to watch sunset at beach with such colourful sky I’d never leave that place. I’d stay there and there only.
Have fun evening everyone. Take care of yourselves.
TUDles..!! ❤ ❤ ❤…!!!


A Work In Progress


Hello there.!
Just making a random post on my evening. Painting a sunset over the horizon of cam sea. There’s a lot to do still. I’ll post the finished piece as I’m done.

Beat the Stress

Hello there! How are you doing? Having a good day I hope. As you can see the title I’m gonna talk about dealing with stress today. I’m not an expert at keeping calm and being positive and energetic all the time. It’s actually the opposite of that. And that’s why I know for sure that these little things works and actually helps. Let’s get to it.

Coloring Books For Adults
Yes. There are books for adults to color in them and have fun with it. I remember whenever I used to study for my exams for hours and after getting super tired I used to doodle and just color in them. I am sure everybody used to do that. I don’t know why as we grow up we stop doing all those fun stuff which actually makes us happy and relaxes our mind. If you can’t find them in stationary close to you go online. Amazon actually has so many beautiful coloring books for grown ups.

Ok, I am going to be honest with you here. I am the worst at meditating. I can’t get my brain to focus on one thing. It just keeps talking and wondering and wandering. So I use this application called Calm to meditate. There are so many other applications, so many option out there. Also you can do yoga which helps you with your physical and mental health. I have included Surya Namaskar in my morning routine which is really great. It helps you workout all parts of your body, helps you with digestion, anxiety, breathing, muscle flexibility, lose weight, keep you youthful. It’s really great.

Back To The Nature
No matter what you do, there are times when you just want to put everything aside and go and sit on a green grass under sun and breath in the fresh air. There’s nothing more relaxing than spending time close to nature. It’s not always possible to have that getaway trip but you can try and bring the nature close to you. Some indoor succulents or flowers or hanging plants in the house will always help. They’ll improve indoor air quality and cactus is best as it produces oxygen at night as well I think(which I think is awesome).There’s post about Top 10 Plants to Improve Indoor Air Quality by The Green Life. Go check it out if you’re planning for house shopping.

These are some of the things I do to get my brain to shut up and get in some positive-happy mood. If you have any other ideas as well share them in comment section down there. I hope you have good day there. Take good care of yourselves. Loads of love.

TUDles..!! ❤ ❤ <3..!!!

P.S. : I just realized that all these would make great gifts too. Coloring books, yoga pants, little house plant. So cool.! ok, going now. Bye..!!!

Evening Sky From My Balcony


Captured from my Samsung Note 3 neo and editing done from the snapseed.

I was in my living room watching tv and I realised the atmosphere outside had turned orange. And it looked beautiful so I took a picture to share with you all.
Hope you have some lovlier views to end your tiresome days.

Take good care of yourselves out there. Loads of love

TUDles..!! ❤❤❤…!!!

Day Out in Bird Sanctuary

Hey you all there.!! How are you doing?

A couple of days back I went to this place called Thol Lake. It’s a big bird sanctuary. I’m sorry I got no pictures of birds though in this post.There’s big lake which is almost dried out in the summer so didn’t really had many birds around. But I like that place because it’s quite and nice.






All the things you can see is usually under water in monsoon. Only the top part of trees are visible. It’s really pretty in that time of the year. (Excuse me for not very nicely painted toe nails.)

Loads of love. Bye. Take care

TUDles..<3 ❤ <3..!

P.S. It’s not really travel post, lake is just a couple of hour drive from the city.



Hey there.!
How are you all doing?
Today I’m sharing a photo from a fun family trip. On our way back to home I got to see an amazing warm sunset. Best part of the day was being with my parents and lovely sister nd brother in law. We had visited heritage places and museum.
Hope you all have a lovely family time like that too.
Happy Monday to you all. Loads of love. Take good care of yourselves.
TUDles. . . ❤

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