Yes, You’re Lovely With Your Smile So Warm..!!

Frank Sinatra. Do I need to say anything else..! I love his songs so much.! If you don’t know who he is than Go Google it now. You need to do it now. Right now.! We can’t be on same webpage if you don’t know anything about him.! (no need to be his fan ifContinue reading “Yes, You’re Lovely With Your Smile So Warm..!!”

The movie and it’s after effects..

Hey There.! Do you know for last two years I have waited to watch Fast and Furious 7. And finally I watched it today. The film is worth every single paisa(dime/penny). The action is amazing. The story is perfect. The acting of every single person in the film is splendid. The ending is just soContinue reading “The movie and it’s after effects..”