Let’s Make An Incredible India

Hello there.! How are you doing? Hope you had a good day. So in today’s post I wanna talk about this project called RedRampProject by H & R Johnson. I came across it on youtube while watching prank videos. In the video they talked to three different people with different physical challenges and did something really nice so that all the physically challenged people would have one really lovely day at a beach without being carried by others. I’ll let you check out the whole video.

If you remember last week I had posted about first rain in the city. That day something happened, while I was about to leave from classes and get home it started raining so crazy so we had to run and get under some shade. And there were this family waiting to get their driver to come pick them up with an old lady in wheelchair. She was a patient who just got discharged from the hospital. The issue here was that the wheelchair ramp was hardly 2 inches bigger than the wheelchair, No railing and it was in the worst condition. We(four person) had to pull the wheelchair up under some shade. And the parking wasn’t leveled so when it rained there were puddles and mud. It was entirely unsafe for anyone. when it stopped raining they again had to struggle with getting the lady to the van so they can get home. It was just really bad.

This is not a small issue as most of the public places does not even have proper wheelchair ramp. And there are over 10 million people who use wheelchairs or crutches to move around.  H & R Johnson are working on getting the policy-makers to notice this issue and make our country accessible for physically challenged people though this project. I hope that you’d all who are in India would sign this petition and ask others to do so as well to make a difference. This is a good cause and if we won’t do it who else is going to!??

I hope to see a new India which would be for real an INCREDIBLE INDIA.

Loads of love to everyone out there. Have a lovely day. Be kind to one another. And Take Care.!



Hello There!

Today on Facebook I saw people posting really emotional messages on a virtual friend’s timeline. And suddenly I read RIP which just shocked me. For an instant I thought this is a crazy prank but when I confirmed it with a mutual friend it turned out to be true.

Now I don’t know what happened and how he died. But it seems to be a suicide. This is not the first time someone I know might have done something like this. And do not get me wrong here. I totally understand that nobody wishes to die but the life and challenges and issues they have somehow drive them to a place where they take such actions. Still I do not agree with such actions. Honestly it makes me so angry that I want to go back in past and punch that person in face for committing suicide and than try to talk them out of it. But time travelling is just a theory and punching someone isn’t really nice.

Why do people commit suicide.!? Why It’s so hard to hold on? Why dying seems easier than the what ever problems one faces? Why someone don’t value the life they’re given?I might never find answers to these questions. Because they’re gone with the person. And that is the worst feeling, not knowing why and if somehow someone could do something.

Also, the family and friends and the close ones that are left behind suffers so much that can not be described in words. Loosing someone is already painful and loosing them with so many unanswered questions just end up making it unbearable. I am just someone who knew him virtually(not that well either) still I feel heaviness and pain in my heart. I can’t do anything about it now.

But I want to do something for someone who can be saved. If anyone who needs a friend or someone to just talk to you(if you’re reading this) tweet me, mail me. Also there are helplines which can help you. Please just talk to someone, anyone. Ask for help. Just hold on. Your life is very precious. Don’t give up. Please just don’t kill yourself like that.

And above everything God loves you so much. God has a plan for you. He has a bigger and better ideas and plans. Just hold onto Him. Things do get better if you just wait on Him.


I don’t know what else to say anymore and also I don’t know how to conclude this post. So, Take good care of yourselves. Loads of love to all. =)

Donate. If you can’t just share to someone who can..

Hey you there..! How you all doing?? good..!! Great.

So here I just want to share something, a link from a guy I follow on YouTube. You might know him as Caspar Lee from YouTube. He’s a sweet guy and such a nice vlogger. There’s something specific that I want you all to do. Donate some money for the cause. It doesn’t matter how small that amount is ‘coz it’s to help some people. your single penny can make difference. But if you can’t donate than don’t worry just share this video link with others that might be able to donate.

Check out the link and you’ll know more what the donation is all about. Just don’t ignore. It’s really important. Usually I don’t ask or wish for you sharing my posts but in today’s case, please just share and tell others and help.

Caspar Lee’s birthday gift

Thank you all.! Loads of love take good care of yourselves..

TUDles..! ❤ ❤ ❤