Quick Evening Snack Story (Lunch+Dinner = Linner!.? IDK.!)

Hello There.! How are you doing? Had a good day I hope.!  I have a story for you I hope you enjoy it.

One Day I was really hungry and it was past the tea time and an hour or two before dinner time so I decided to cook up something quick and easy and yummy for me to gobble down and calm my dinosaur-noise-making-tummy.

So I decided to make some yumm yumm Egg Bhurji for which I got

  • oil
  • 1 egg
  • 1 medium size Onion and I chopped it finely.
  • and 1 tomato I chopped it nice and small as well
  • also salt to taste
  • then got my spice box which had red chilly powder, Turmeric powder which I needed to add.
  • of course garam masala powder
  • plus some mint, coriander, spring onion(only if you have it at hand)


  • I got my pan and added some oil
  • Then I added the onion and Saute it till it was lovely golden brown
  • then added the red chilly powder(depending on how hot can you eat) and pinch of turmeric powder and garam masala powder
  • When it was cooked perfectly I added the tomato and let it cook
  • As the masala was done I cracked egg in and mixed it and let it cook for like 2 mins more.


And Voila. Done.! I then garnished it with spring onion and ate it all up with some lovely bread.

The End!

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Done it.!


Yeah as I said in my last post I’ll upload after I finish the piece. I don’t think it’s as great and as detailed as I wanted it to be. But I guess I shall keep practicing to get better at it.
I love sunset and if I get to watch sunset at beach with such colourful sky I’d never leave that place. I’d stay there and there only.
Have fun evening everyone. Take care of yourselves.
TUDles..!! ❤ ❤ ❤…!!!

Beat the Stress

Hello there! How are you doing? Having a good day I hope. As you can see the title I’m gonna talk about dealing with stress today. I’m not an expert at keeping calm and being positive and energetic all the time. It’s actually the opposite of that. And that’s why I know for sure that these little things works and actually helps. Let’s get to it.

Coloring Books For Adults
Yes. There are books for adults to color in them and have fun with it. I remember whenever I used to study for my exams for hours and after getting super tired I used to doodle and just color in them. I am sure everybody used to do that. I don’t know why as we grow up we stop doing all those fun stuff which actually makes us happy and relaxes our mind. If you can’t find them in stationary close to you go online. Amazon actually has so many beautiful coloring books for grown ups.

Ok, I am going to be honest with you here. I am the worst at meditating. I can’t get my brain to focus on one thing. It just keeps talking and wondering and wandering. So I use this application called Calm to meditate. There are so many other applications, so many option out there. Also you can do yoga which helps you with your physical and mental health. I have included Surya Namaskar in my morning routine which is really great. It helps you workout all parts of your body, helps you with digestion, anxiety, breathing, muscle flexibility, lose weight, keep you youthful. It’s really great.

Back To The Nature
No matter what you do, there are times when you just want to put everything aside and go and sit on a green grass under sun and breath in the fresh air. There’s nothing more relaxing than spending time close to nature. It’s not always possible to have that getaway trip but you can try and bring the nature close to you. Some indoor succulents or flowers or hanging plants in the house will always help. They’ll improve indoor air quality and cactus is best as it produces oxygen at night as well I think(which I think is awesome).There’s post about Top 10 Plants to Improve Indoor Air Quality by The Green Life. Go check it out if you’re planning for house shopping.

These are some of the things I do to get my brain to shut up and get in some positive-happy mood. If you have any other ideas as well share them in comment section down there. I hope you have good day there. Take good care of yourselves. Loads of love.

TUDles..!! ❤ ❤ <3..!!!

P.S. : I just realized that all these would make great gifts too. Coloring books, yoga pants, little house plant. So cool.! ok, going now. Bye..!!!

An Evening with Boardgames


They’ve always been my favourite thing. Boardgames and cards and all those games and activities you can enjoy as family.
I’ve been the worst at it. I hardly won games and I’m not competitor at all. If you got you me as a partner you’re doomed and I always lost games. But still when I look back I remember some good memories of me and my sister, me and my parents and all the cousins playing them. Fun time.
What is your most favourite board game? Let me know in comment section. Mine is chess.(thre I got some chances to win, hahaha)
Have fun time with your loved ones. Take care of yourselves.

TUDles..!! ❤❤❤ ..!!!

Thoughtful Evening


They say,

Every dark cloud has a silver line.

Now this dark cloud is hardly gray and there’s lot of beautiful silver-ness to it. But it made me think of this quote. I think they who said this knew exactly how much sun rays and dark clouds are important to make a rainbow and of course the darkness of those temporary clouds shall pass by with wind and the sun shall shine bright again. But we always forget how beautiful the dark clouds and heavy rain can be, how soothing the sound of water falling down from sky can be, and how amazing atmosphere it is out there when it has just rained. There’s beauty in darkness and it doesn’t have to be scary or dangerous. It’s more raw and real.

Well, these are just my thought train after a little rain and partially cloudy sky.

Have a lovely day. Take care of yourselves.

TUDles..! ❤ ❤ ❤ ..!!

Masala Chai After Enjoying The First Rain

imageHello there.!! How are you doing? Hope you had a lovely day.

Today When I was about to leave from my class to get back home it started raining crazy. And I was stuck there and when the rain almost stopped I rushed home but still got wet which was actually fun. Driving my activa in foggy atmosphere and enjoying the lovely smell of rain and imagefeeling rain drops fall on my face was just what I needed after long crazy hot dry summer.

But as soon as I reached home I started sneezing so I made myself some masala chai which is Indian tea. And enjoyed it in Kuladi (the cup in the picture)

So if you don’t know how to make masala chai you just have to add in the a pinch of powdered chai masala which you can find in India everywhere and in Indian stores if you live in some other country. But today I didn’t had the masala so insteadimage I used tiny ginger piece and two cardamom and smashed it and added them in the water before boiling it with tea. It’s easy and best thing when you have cold.

What is your go to drink when it’s cold and rainy out? Lemme know. I’d love to try some new beverage this monsoon.

Have a lovely time all you out there. Enjoy whatever weather you have in your city. Take care.

TUDles..!! ❤ ❤ <3…!!!

Dahi Vada Chaat Recipe

Hello there! It’s finally here. The recipe.! Sorry it took quite long. But now I’ve done it. If you try it do share with me.


  • Phudina leaves (Mint) 100g
  • 50g coriender
  • 3 green chilly
  • salt
  • lemon juice
  • water


mix all the ingredients in food processor and add in little water and make a nice paste. if you need more water than add it but don’t let the chutney get too watery.(Or it won’t taste that good)


  • 100 g khajoor (Dates)
  • 100 g amli (Tamarind)
  • Gud (Jaggery, If you don’t find it where you live, use brown sugar or muscovado sugar)
  • salt
  • water
  • coriander seed powder
  • cumin seed powder
  • 1 pinch red chilli powder


  • Take two bowls put in the dates and tamarind in each soak it in hot water for an hour and half.
  • Take out the seeds.
  • Put Dates, Tamarind, Jaggery, water in food processor and make a paste.
  • Now Tamarind has fibers so you’ll have to seperate the paste with a muslin cloth/fabric.
  • Add little water to the paste.
  • Now add in salt, red chili powder, coriander seed powder, cumin seed powder to your taste. And mix well.


  • Yogurt/curd – 500 gm
  • salt to taste
  • sugar 2  table sp.


Beat the curd. Add salt and sugar. And mix it.

Now put both the chutney and yogurt mixture in refrigerator.


  • urad dal(Split Black gram) -250 g
  • oil for frying
  • salt to taste
  • green chilly 2 to 3 seed
  • 500ml Warm water/buttermilk(to soak the vadas in)
  • ghee(purified butter)/oil -1/2  tea sp. for tadka(tempering)
  • cumin ¼  tea sp.
  • chat masala
  • red chilly powder
  • roasted cumin powder
  • Coriander leaves


  • Soak udad dal over night, & drain water.
  • add salt & chopped green chilly and make smooth paste in food processor.
  • Now transfer it into a bowl and beat it well for like 15-20 mins.(Let the air get in the mixture)
  • make small sized balls, deep fry them on medium flame until they’re light brown.
  • Take them out and soak them in warm water or butter milk for 10 mins.
  • After 10 mins squeeze the water out and put them in a plates in which you gonna serve.
  • Tempering:
    1. Take a pan and add ghee/oil.
    2. Add the cumin seeds let it crackle.
  • Poor the tadka on vadas.
  • now add in the fudina & khjoor amli chutney, yogurt mixture, chat masala, roasted cumin powder, red chilly powder and Coriander leaves

Ok, It does seem complex and long recipe. But you can always use the chutneys with other chats as well. And the taste is worth the effort.