The Creative Blogger Award

Hello There..!! How are you doing? Hope you had a great start of the weekend. So as you can see it is an award posts I know not everybody is participating in these posts so if you’re one of those, You might want to skip few upcoming posts as I have some piled up awardContinue reading “The Creative Blogger Award”

Hair Remedy: Make A Mask Friday

So I have been trying out this new thing. It’s an Ayurveda product. I’ll talk about it some other day. I’m mentioning that here because I used their Aloe Vera gel in this mask which is super easy and really effective. What You Need: Olive oil Aloe Vera gel Just put them in a containerContinue reading “Hair Remedy: Make A Mask Friday”

Timbaland – Apologize ft. OneRepublic

I have been at both the ends. I know how it feels when you want to actually tell other person that You’re too late to apologize. But it’s not. One can ask for forgiveness anytime given they realized and mean it. It might not have the same result as expected but one can always say sorry.Continue reading “Timbaland – Apologize ft. OneRepublic”

Hello There!

Today on Facebook I saw people posting really emotional messages on a virtual friend’s timeline. And suddenly I read RIP which just shocked me. For an instant I thought this is a crazy prank but when I confirmed it with a mutual friend it turned out to be true. Now I don’t know what happened and how he died.Continue reading “Hello There!”


This week I read so many people’s post on getting 100 followers. on their blog and now I’m writing one for my blog!!… How cool.! I love you all for following, liking my posts, commenting on them, and reblogging them. Thank You! Many of them did giveaways  (Which I’m not doing, Sorry!) or something. ButContinue reading “100 followers!”

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey there!! How are you doing? Hope you’re having lovely weekend. I sure am. I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by lovely blogger Anjali Dhawan. She has blog called It’s All About Food. Go check out her blog where it’s all about food for real. The Versatile Blogger Award rules! Thank the person whoContinue reading “The Versatile Blogger Award”

TAG: 9 Tumblr Question Challenge

Hey there! How are you doing? Having good day??(It will be so cool if someday people would actually answer me in comment section that, “Yea, I’m having great day 🙂 ” or “No, It just sucks 😡 ” or anything.) I hope you all are having good day. So, you might know that I loveContinue reading “TAG: 9 Tumblr Question Challenge”