It’s been year.!!

It’s been a whole year since I started this blog. I’ve been absent lately but I can say that starting this blog was one of the best decision I’ve made. I’ve managed to change my life from where I was last year and this blog was the first step to it. I’m thankful to allContinue reading “It’s been year.!!”

I Have Some Good News

There’s an exhibition – sale for art and craft mainly for artists from rural areas. And 5 of my paintings are in the exhibition. Yay..!! I’m so excited about it. Pray for me that things go great and it may turn into some really great journey. Happy Independence Day. Take care of yourselves. TUDles..!! ❤Continue reading “I Have Some Good News”


This week I read so many people’s post on getting 100 followers. on their blog and now I’m writing one for my blog!!… How cool.! I love you all for following, liking my posts, commenting on them, and reblogging them. Thank You! Many of them did giveaways  (Which I’m not doing, Sorry!) or something. ButContinue reading “100 followers!”