Yes, You’re Lovely With Your Smile So Warm..!!

Frank Sinatra. Do I need to say anything else..! I love his songs so much.! If you don’t know who he is than Go Google it now. You need to do it now. Right now.! We can’t be on same webpage if you don’t know anything about him.! (no need to be his fan ifContinue reading “Yes, You’re Lovely With Your Smile So Warm..!!”

Legfie or Feetfie..! (I’ll let you decide)

Hello there! How are you? Hope you’re having a lovely day. So if you don’t know by now I have this habit of taking photos of my feet where ever I go or when I’m at home or at anytime (hehe). And a friend of mine named these kind of photos legfie (Which actually shouldContinue reading “Legfie or Feetfie..! (I’ll let you decide)”

Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me

I love her voice. If I could sing I would want my voice to sound like her.(silly talk) Just enjoy the song. The lyrics is from azlyrics. “Say You Love Me” Say you love me to my face I need it more than your embrace Just say you want me, that’s all it takes Heart’sContinue reading “Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me”

Sunday Special Side-dish!! (does it make sense!!??)

This one is my Baa’s(my grandmother on my mother’s side) recipe. We used to have it every Sunday with any meat curry or Biryani. (A secret, I used to sometimes sneak in when everyone was sleeping and would make myself some of it and have it when I was a kid) It’s really easy. IngredientsContinue reading “Sunday Special Side-dish!! (does it make sense!!??)”

Bulla Ki Jaana by Rabbi Shergill

This is one of those songs which I really love but always forget the name of the song and than I have to try so damn hard to recall it.(I hate when that happens) I just love his voice.! I was trying to get a proper translation to the lyrics and I came across HaroonContinue reading “Bulla Ki Jaana by Rabbi Shergill”

Favorites: J’adore

Hey there..!! How are you all doing?? I was bored, no, I was actually free and I found an opportunity to search about random stuff as I love doing that and I somehow found an article on facts about body odor. And one of the fact was that we human choose partner based on their body odor.Continue reading “Favorites: J’adore”