Moonless Night – Part 2 Complete story.

It’s amazing how some conversations are more than comments.
It’s amazing hoe they turn into a post. =) Go check out the amazing writer named Rehman Jafar.

Thoughts Of A Crooked Mind

Hello,I wrote a short story last night and many of you here liked it and wanted to know how it ended.I haven’t written an ending yet but I had a comment where a blogger name Janice Collins, a fan of horror ,mystery,thriller like myself tried to complete it. Her response was amazing and I think that completes the story.She managed to make it more interesting and gave it a few more twists and turns it really deserved. I am writing the text version below the screenshot of the reply she made. First Part of the story. –

A plain road ahead and a moonless night.You couldn’t go back to your house because someone there is waiting with a knife.You had no telephones because you wanted a peaceful life.Little did you know that far from this city lived a maniac who always had a knife.A plain road ahead and a…

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