The Kind Of Love

I wish for love so dear that the thought of losing him would be excruciating pain for my body, mind and soul. Because I doubt if it would be love otherwise.
— Janice Collins

17 thoughts on “The Kind Of Love

    1. that’s what blogging is all about…the spontaneity 😊 this blogging is really fun…it’s Luke home away from home.
      What were my chances of meeting Janice over a social media platform…pretty grim 😊 glad to meet some of the nicest people here


    2. Haha.. A tip. Too much honesty can keep you starving. I just came up with it. It will help you with your relationship or marriage. no matter how much a girl apriciate constructive criticism she doesn’t always want her man to say too honest stuff. The mystery of women’s mind.


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