Just Because it Burns Doesn’t Mean You’re Gonna Die

Ever wonder about what he’s doing? How it all turned to lies? Sometimes I think that it’s better to never ask why Just be Where there is desire There is gonna be a flame Where there is a flame Someone’s bound to get burned But just because it burns Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die You’veContinue reading “Just Because it Burns Doesn’t Mean You’re Gonna Die”

She Part II

She was an independent girl who loved her freedom and loved her own company. She was one of those people who won’t get bored when they are by themselves in a new city, instead she enjoyed the adventure of finding new ways to her new place, trying out new food joints that served weirdest foodContinue reading “She Part II”

Mango drinks(at least one of them is!)

Hello there! How are you doing?? Having a good day? So in today’s post I’ll share two versions of mango that I love and enjoy the most in summer. Aam Panna: Ingredients: Raw mango 250 grm Jaggery (add double of the raw mango pulp we’ll get after boiling it) 100 gr, Roasted cumin powder 1/2Continue reading “Mango drinks(at least one of them is!)”

Timbaland – Apologize ft. OneRepublic

I have been at both the ends. I know how it feels when you want to actually tell other person that You’re too late to apologize. But it’s not. One can ask for forgiveness anytime given they realized and mean it. It might not have the same result as expected but one can always say sorry.Continue reading “Timbaland – Apologize ft. OneRepublic”

Kelly Clarkson – Because of You

Don’t love someone to the point that it ruins you. I am usually all about spreading love and being nice to all. But there comes a point where you let them walk all over you just because you love them way too much. Don’t let others misuse your emotions because you’ll end up losing piecesContinue reading “Kelly Clarkson – Because of You”