Few Things I Don’t Get.!!

Hello there..! How are you doing? Having good start to the week I hope. In this post I’m gonna just talk. I’m gonna talk about things that I don’t understand about MEN.! Yup.! I don’t know why but I just want to write about it.

So let’s get started.!

  • Nothing Box.! :/

Doesn’t matter who that person is Your dad,brother, boyfriend, fiance, husband, BGF, all of them do this. They will seem to be lost in some deep thoughts and when you ask what they are thinking. They will say nothing. And actually they are not really thinking anything. It’s like they are in this nothing box where they won’t pay attention to you or listen and just be all lost.! Is it just me or you’ve had this same experience too!? Let me know. Really!(in comment section)

  • Hate on Road while Driving.! (0.0)

OMG! Don’t get me started on this. It might be just where I live. But I’ve noticed men hates the red lights. They just hate it. God they’ll go mad-crazy-angry. I mean it’s okay, it’s for just few min. CALM DOWN.! And don’t ever dare on road to overtake them. They will think you’ve challenged them for a street race(Even when you haven’t). And Gosh their love for honking on the road just because they can’t ever wait for like 5 seconds. Ughh..! People, You’re missing out on peaceful calm driving by yourself time. CALM DOWN A LITTLE, WILL YOU!?? (It’s okay, girl.! just breath)

  • No,! I can do it Myself. (Whhhyyy…!)

Why they hate accepting any help. I mean even superheros need help once in awhile.(not that all male are same, at least I hope they are not) You can definately ask for help and accept it if we offer. It does not make you any less of a man.! =)

  • Checking Out Every Girl.! I mean Every Single One! 

I know I know.! Don’t even think of denying it.! I am not saying that you’re planning on cheating on your loved one. But they will check out other girls by the corner of their eye even though they love their girl so much. I mean at least don’t do it when they are around.! (if you are one of those who are not guilty of it, just smile, but don’t argue about it. I mean it!)

Sometimes these things makes me so mad. Well as they say Men will be Men. So I’ll have to learn to get used to all that someday. There are other things but I can’t really recall. May be next time. Let me know if you agree or not. Or if you want to add something to what I said. Go ahead.!

Have a lovely day. Loads of love. Take care of yourselves.

TUDles..! ❤ ❤ <3..!!

22 thoughts on “Few Things I Don’t Get.!!

  1. Ah, the great mystery that is MEN. I can tell you, all the strange and often child-like behaviour of our males friends is simply down to testosterone and the funny collection of soft objects that make up their ‘gentleman’s area’. These dangling things seem to send them quite mad. They don’t mean anything bad by it, they are just being men. They need our feminine nurturing and understanding to keep them on track 🙂

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  2. If you interrupted someone who is meditating and asked them what they are thinking and they said ‘nothing’ you would be perfectly fine with that, amazed even. Why so surprised when men respond that way?

    Most men are driven by competition to be a Renaissance-man. Accepting help defeats the purpose. Think about that for a bit and you’ll get it.

    If you were playing a video game and going by all the rules and someone came along and ruined your game because they didn’t want to follow the rules you’d get mad, possibly very angry. Driving has many rules, getting it right is a mental game that keeps the mind sharp. When people cheat it should make you angry – their cheating can cost you your life.

    Hmm, you don’t check out guys? Have you talked to a doctor about this? You want to enjoy the benefits of the equipment that makes this habit of checking out girls necessary… that’s like complaining that your car’s wheels are always going around and around.


    1. If they say nothing when they weren’t meditating then it makes my face go (O.O).!! You know!
      “Everyone needs help, Even Spiderman” You know what I mean.!
      I get the whole rules and cheating part, but it was them who cheated and nearly killed me cause I was following the rules and they got mad and gave me death stare. Now that’s annoying, Don’t you think?
      About checking out, once in awhile it’s fine but all of them!? I mean all of them.!! like every single one.!!!! That gets creepy.!! At least I think so.


    1. ohh..!! Sorry! :(.!
      I really appreciate it.! I do drive myself crazy over some stuff..! Thank you..!
      Ohh.. so nothing box is like a mediation technique men has.! That’s cool. I wonder if girls can do that.!


    2. Girls can do that but it takes a lot of training, to think about nothing at all is terribly difficult. I recommend watching ants or butterflies for 15 minute sessions to get started.:)


    3. I choose other ways, but the meditation is real… it’s just that real men don’t ever call it meditation because of that whole competition to be a renaissance-man.


  3. You probably are not ready for this but I’m going to drop it here like a hot rock, just in case you are. Women do not dress to impress men. They dress to impress women or to make sure they are not seen as less than by other women. If they dressed for men they’d need nothing more than a rack full of heels. We are all of us competative (some minor exceptions allowed) and socially that means that we behave in ways which are socially advantageous to us. You see, if ugly men were the only ones good in bed what would you know about your friends? To really think this through and understand it you’ll have to notice and understand how all your acquaintances and friends compete with you and where you and some few others agree not to compete. We are an aggressive and violent species. We compete at all levels in every part of our day, even the meek and mild among us.

    The idea of competing just to be accepted is never talked about despite the fact that it is the truth of society despite any spirituality that is claimed. Hormones trump god belief when the talking is done.

    I get almost everything. Men in general don’t get everything because they are caught in the fight of surviving the social construct built just for them, competing with others to be THE renaissance-man. Mostly men just want to meditate. The rest of the world is quite an imposition on that. What men don’t understand about women is that they don’t understand men. It’s not hard, they’re simple… they really are thinking of nothing when they do not have to be competing.


    1. Okay.! wow. you did drop it like hot rock.
      Agree about dressing up to compete/impress other women part.!
      though I find it hard to understand man. I agree to them being simple. But then there are times when they don’t make sense at all.!

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    2. Next time your man is in that nothing box, just tell him you love him and appreciate him and cuddle up to him and see what happens… >90% chance you will have found a magic ‘pill’ you can use again and again

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  4. We are like the simplest people…there is really nothing to us. I guess ‘women’ are the ones worth discovering 🙂
    …about the ‘check-out-every-girl-part, what’s the harm…women are so pretty, all we are doing is admiring beauty 😀 …oh yeah, I am a pretty calm driver 🙂 we should go for a drive together 🙂

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    1. I also think women are mysterious and bit hard to understand. But men are impossible. IMPOSSIBLE.. sorry got bit carried away.
      Calm driving is super important. But you live in serenity, in Goa so of course you’re calm driver.

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