TAG: Perfect Imperfections

So the video that I’ve shared here is from my really favorite ladies The Luxy Sister named Mimi and Leyla. They own the hair extension brand called Luxy Hair. They had done this video on My perfect Imperfection challenge tag I think around 5 years ago(Yea, It’s an ancient tag). And today I decided to do it’s verbal version. So basically this tag is where the host talks about 3 imperfections followed by 3 perfections.(Physical, and it has nothing to do with what people think about you, it’s something personal, it’s about what you think about yourself,how you view yourself)

So here we go.

  1. I hate my skin, no I don’t hate my skin color, shade or tone, I just hate that my skin breaks out a lot and It’s not flawless and I hate it.
  2. I hate my teeth. They are not even or proper and I’m scared of  doctors. (I have to get braces and my mom is really scolding me over it but I just don’t like doctors.)
  3. My Muffin Top Belly.

Oooooohh…. Things got really personal there. I have many more flaws that I could tell you about.

Ok now onto the positive part.

  1. My eyes. I love my eyes. They’re not perfect or world’s most beautiful eyes, they’re just average and normal eyes but I love them so much.
  2. My Lips. They are cutest lips ever. hahaha..(enough with the self obsession girl!) No, honestly I don’t have perfect teeth but because of my lips I kind of have very sweet smile and I have been complimented over it. So.. You know.!
  3. Even though I have bit of tummy fat I have a good hourglass body shape so I can somehow manage to hide away my flaws and dress up nicely.(at least the way I want)

Yup these are my perfect imperfections. List down yours if you want. If you write a blog post on this TAG than let me know and have fun you all lovelies out there. Loads of love. Take good care of yourselves.

TUDles.. ❤ ❤ ❤

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