My Favorite Summer Lunch.


Hey you all there! How are you?

So in this post I don’t have anything fancy. It’s just my pure Gujarati lunch. I had Patta gobi ki sabji (Cabbage sabji), Chapati(Flat bread), Aamras(Mango Puree kind of thing), Cucumber-Onion-Beetroot(Did you know, eating raw onion will actually protect you against sunstroke, my granny used to say so). The dish is missing achhar which is Indian pickle. I’m trying not to indulge it too much(you know, my skin will break out like crazy if I will have it everyday). Sorry the photo is not very nice but you can understand I was hungry and I just wanted dig in.(haha)

Have fun. Eat well. Loads of love.

TUDles..! ❤ ❤ ❤

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