She found her peace. ;)😜😚

Solution for any kind of stress and heartache. Christmas pudding with ice cream and few strawberries. . *Slurp. . * What are your heartbreak remedies? ? ?( btw I hope you never have to deal with one. But if just you already have had any let me know.) Take care of yourselves. Loads of love.Continue reading “She found her peace. ;)😜😚”

Indian Pride.! Hmph..

Last week when we were getting ready to get back home from family trip we saw that the city we live in is on high alert because of swine flu. It says over 1000 lives has been lost this year in India by this disease. So it’s obvious that we should all take care ofContinue reading “Indian Pride.! Hmph..”

Let’s brighten your day..!!

Hey There! Hope you doing good today, are you? If not than let me tell you one thing, you’re an amazing person. If you’re asking why than lemme tell you I wouldn’t have strength to read some anonymous blog after having a hard day, I’d be crying or stuffing my face with food to dealContinue reading “Let’s brighten your day..!!”