My dilemma : Blog Layout

Hey there
How have you been??? Good..!? Me too. =) (not that you asked =P ) hehe..

I have changed my blog layout for like three times already in about a month. I don’t feel happy with any. Even the one I have right now. Don’t get me wrong here, It’s pretty cool. But issue here is the grown up part of me wants to have something very decent and tidy and another part of me wants something cute and girly and something like I have right now, swirly-girly-colorful thing.

And this gets me to think did this happen to you out there who-ever-is-reading-this-post when you first started blogging? How did you deal with it? I’m serious let me know in comment, or even better, if you have written blog post on something related to it leave a link down in comment section.

It is just annoying. And it’s silly I know. It’s so silly that nobody is even going to read this. haha..

But if you are reading this right now thank you so much, really thank you…! Going now..

Wish you loads of love and happiness. So much love. Take good care of yourselves. Mwahh…

TUDles… ❤

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