India’s daughter. The banned documentary.

It had all happened two years back.
The brutal incident that started a revolution. The incident that woke up the entire nation and brought them together. People say they should be hanged as it’s so cruel and brutal and such a rare incident. But is it really rare? Isn’t it possible the worst things has happened and haven’t been known by anyone? Does it stand higher on the measurements of brutality? Isn’t any kind of rape makes the person suffer as much as she did? Of course her physical wounds were very horryble and critical. But any other sexual assault would make a person feel as violated as she did.

Leslee Udwin, Director-Producer as well as former actress, she has spent 2 years making this documentary when she could simply live in her happy home with her family. She took out her time and used her talent to make this documentary of change in our country. She interviews many people involved in the whole case and she listened to their horrifying conversation. I shall let you Google the details and find it for yourself. (Honestly I’m afraid they might ban my blog for posting the quotes from the interview of the people from the documentary.)

The shameful thing is that the government has banned the documentary. The documentary which shows the suffering of Indian girl, thoughts of Indian rapist, protest of Indian public, process of Indian change and mainly possibility of hope to safer place to live for every Indian girl is banned in India.

I feel anger,pity and disgust at the same time. I don’t know what else to say. But all you out there who is able to watch it, Don’t miss it.

BBC had planned to broadcast it on woman’s day but they will be broadcast it tonight at 10 pm at their(UK) timing.











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