Let’s brighten your day..!!

Hey There!
Hope you doing good today, are you?
If not than let me tell you one thing, you’re an amazing person. If you’re asking why than lemme tell you I wouldn’t have strength to read some anonymous blog after having a hard day, I’d be crying or stuffing my face with food to deal with stress.
Yeah,that’s one of the thing I do when I’m stressed and upset. (Haha)

Anyways, I’m writing this blog to tell you one of the ways I try to deal with bad days.
And it actually makes me feel better. You might have known that and if you do and have tried and find it helpful than feel free to brag about it in comments so more people would try it.

5 star trick

I try to find 5 good moments of the day and list them down in my journal. No matter how small those are or how common they might be I list them down anyway. You know that saying, “Something is better than nothing”
It’s like that. If you can list down more than 5 than go ahead and list them as well. As another saying goes “The More The Merrier “.
It’s just a way of holding onto positive on worse days,holding onto light in the dark.
I find it work for me so well and I said in my first post I want to make a small virtual space where we can feel better.
Now if you wish you can surely go ahead and list down 5 star moments in the comments I would love to read them. And I shall write down mine here.

1. Watching my favourite show (FYI at my pg I don’t get to watch TV.)
2. Looking at the photos from family trip.
3. Annoying my mom and than when she gets mad I give her evil smile and her anger transforms to laughter. It’s something I do whenever I’m home.
4. Eating my favourite chocolate.
5. Home cooked meals.

Thank you so much for reading all you lovelies. Take good care of yourself.

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