“But first let me take a relfie..”
Haha.. fun song. You must be thinking what’s relfies,it’s relationship selfie.
Yeah it’s officially a thing now. Taking relationship selfies are trending so high these days coz most celebrities are posting them on all of the social media site to stay on top of the lists. If I were one I would be too.
I love these relfies. They kind of help you not lose faith in love. As a single person it can seem too cheesy and annoying. I don’t like too much of affection and cheesy caption lines either.
And studies suggests that frequent relfie posts suggests that you’re emotionally happy in your life. And too many selfies can indicates you as narcissistic unlike relfies. Crazy, isn’t it? Well if you’re thinking what about single people!?. Well relationship selfies are not just for lovers. It can be with anyone you love and adore like family, friends, crush, partner. May be even your pets. Haha..
Best thing about relfies are cute captions with real non cheesy, pure love. It’s great seeing people being in love and not being scared to show that to each other or the world at all.
If you wish you can comment down some of the sweet caption you have seen or used with relfies.
I shall go now. Take good care of yourselves.



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