The last book I read.. Half girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat


Hey there!..
Last week when I went on family trip I had took a book with me ‘half girlfriend’ by famous  Indian writer of our time. I finished it today noon. It was a tragic start. A sentence “Because Riya is dead” on the second page just broke my heart. I immediately got low as I have tendency to easily get involved with the character’s emotions. I felt what he felt,I cried every time she would reject him and hurt him. I got butterflies in my tummy every time she would let him hug her and display any affection towards him. It’s amazing how words on paper can work. How it lets you know all the hidden thoughts going on in the fictional character’s mind. On other hand in reality it’s just confusing and almost impossible to understand as people’s words and actions doesn’t really sync.(haha)
Isn’t it silly how we all want to understand others and still are so scared to let them in worried of being judged and rejected.
Oh boy, there I started rambling again.. I’m sorry.!
Back to the book. It’s typical Chetan Bhagat book. If you’re his fan you’ll enjoy. I’m not going to spoil and write down any more details and let you find out for yourself.
Now I shall finish my post here.
Take good care of yourselves..
TUDles. . . ❤

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