First Post

Yeah, the blog name is weird but I have gud reason to choose that
I wanna keep the blog anonymous as I don’t find it comfortable putting myself out there on Internet nd write the things I want to.
One of the reasons I chose the name for my blog and keeping it anonymous is that I’m tired of being judged over my outer looks. There’s lot more to life than just being pretty and be perfect. There’s lot more to apriciate in a person than the colour of their skin and their facial features and the blemishes and pimples and what not.
It’s unbelievable how many of us are going through the same thing and still we end up judging each other and making the other person go through the same thing we do.
Well here on this little virtual world of mine I’m creating a space to be able to flaunt our flaws (haha) and apriciate each other with them.
So here i shall end my post. Wish you loads of happiness and love this weeken( and thank you to whoever is reading this).
Till the next time.

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